Honeymooning on a Sailboat in the Virgin Islands

Each year, thousands of couples make the decision to get married.  If you are planning on becoming one of those individuals, then it is likely that you and your new spouse will plan a honeymoon.  When it comes to selecting a honeymoon destination, you have a number of options to choose from.   Honeymoons are often thought of as pretty much like a vacation, granted a lavish one.  In a way, the only difference between a family vacation and a honeymoon is romance and the lack of children.  Honeymoons are supposed to a fun, exciting, memorable, but private time.  Instead of vacationing with the whole family, a honeymoon often only involves the bride and groom.   As previously mentioned, you have a number of different options when it comes to planning your honeymoon.  Many newlyweds schedule their honeymoons at popular beaches, ski resorts, or other secluded areas.  Did you know that you can also have a honeymoon aboard a Sailboat?  Sailboat in the Caribbean are increasing in popularity